Yawar Fiesta


“Washo”, “huacho” or “guacho”, all the variants literally mean “bastard” or “orphan”, but in the everyday language of the southern cone it is a loving way of addressing colleagues, it is a similar to “bro” or “sis”.
So Wena Washo!


Yawar Fiesta is the name of our third studio album

Yawar is a Quechua word meaning “blood”. Yawar Fiesta is a Blood Party. The name is inspired by the work of the master José María Arguedas (1911-1969), a great native Peruvian writer.

In November 2020 we started recording the album, a task that has now been resumed in February 2021.** A total of eight original and unreleased songs will be performed: Los dinosaurios, El dilema de Juan, Soy un bohemio, El Coco-vi, Preso político, Jogo Bonito , Yawar Fiesta and El segundo espiral del Amor**

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Weight 43 g
Dimensions 13 × 14 × 0.5 cm


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